About Us

We are Aaron and Raquel, co-founders of Fetch. Our pet parent journey started with the adoption of one fussy eater (Loki) and one lover of food (Archie) – in our search to find healthy, natural options to meet their nutritional needs, we saw a gap in the market not being met by the big-box retailers and “Marts” of the pet care world. We were very fortunate to strike a partnership with Rhonda Teel, founder of Kodi’s Natural Pet Foods, to build on the foundation she started back in 2008 – exemplary  customer service with a focus on education and a commitment to partnership with only the best organic, natural and raw brands. Come check us out and see why Fetch will quickly become your best friend’s favorite store!

Our Mission

We founded Fetch with the goal of providing an unrivaled shopping experience for the humans committed to the best possible care for their furry family members.  Our vision is to become the go-to place for dog & cat “Moms and Dads” in the greater Phoenix area (and beyond!)

Our Values

  • Love people, love animals
  • Educate and empower every pet guardian
  • Embrace technology to delight our customers
  • Contribute to our community