4010 Fussie Cat Tuna & Clam 2.82oz
Tuna with Shrimp
Chicken with Gravy Can
Chicken with Duck in Gravy Can
4013 Fussie Cat Tuna Smoked Tuna in Aspic  2.82oz
Tuna with Mussels in Aspic
Tuna in Aspic
Tuna with Chicken Puree 4 Pack
Chicken Puree 4 Pack
Tuna with Chicken Liver in Aspic
Tuna with Salmon
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Chicken with Beef in Pumpkin Soup
Chicken with Duck Puree 4 Pack
Tuna with Salmon Puree 4 Pack
Tuna with Ocean Fish 4 Pack
Tuna with Prawns Puree 4 Pack
3201 Fussie Cat Salmon 4lb
Tuna with Chicken
Tuna with Shrimp Puree 4 Pack
Chicken with Chicken Liver in Pumpkin Soup Can
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Tuna with Prawns
Chicken with Vegetables Puree 4 Pack
4025 Fussie Cat Chicken 2.82oz. Case
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3217 Fussie Cat Quail & Duck 4lb